A science teacher at Parkland HS beginning in 2009, Jon Trenge remains a part-time participant in LVAC workouts and activities and is one of the three most active coaching mentors in the Club’s 10-year history. His 5th place finish at the 2004 Olympic Trials is Lehigh’s highest since Bobby Weaver in 1984. One of Lehigh’s all-time best athletes, Trenge ranks 1st in LU career wins (133), third in bonus wins and 4th in falls.

Jon was a 3x All-American (2nd, 2nd, 3rd) and a 3-time EIWA champion in 3 post-seasons, missing the 2001 post-season due to detached and torn retinae in February. That year, as a r/s freshman, he owned wins vs. the 2001 NCAA 1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th place winners. The saga of his senior year in 2004-05 (Lehigh’s best team in more than 30 years) was converted into a popular movie, entitled: “Veritas: The Story of Jon Trenge.”

Despite the eye injuries which dictated the use of protective goggles for his final three seasons (unprecedented in college), the variety of his major tourneys won ranks 2nd in school history: including Midlands, (continued on the right)

EIWA, Las Vegas, both Greco and Freestyle at Junior Nationals, the Jr. World Trials and also a University Nationals title. In HS, he was a 2x PA state champion and also placed third.

Jon is Lehigh’s only two-time undergrad Midlands champion – at one of them, he beat 4-time Iowa A/A & ’97 NCAA champion Lee Fullhart, who beat Cael Sanderson for the World Team that year. Trenge had three other wins over NCAA champs, including a 2-0 mark vs. 3x champion, Jake Rosholt. He was 13-3 in three Nationals, with 11 bonus wins.

One of 10 Lehigh wrestlers ever to serve as full-time Lehigh coach, Jon set LVAC records in ’05-06, organizing and running 27 clinics for area youth. He also initiated our Fargo Support program, a challenge gift to send three kids to Jr Nationals, coaching one to a 4th place in Greco. Jon’s charitable incentive: “When I went to Fargo in high school, I wasn’t supported by a club.”

In addition to his popular leadership at LVAC Clinics, plus some of his own in the region (such as Dyn-O-Mite), Trenge also served one year as assistant at Brandywine HS before completing his graduate degree in education.